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Innovative Design Development

EdgeX was established at the heart of Seoul, South Korea with an aim to design and build advanced, sophisticated, outstanding product technology. Our inventions advance the existing array of products and services towards a new future, and seek to improve quality of life across many landscapes.
Our Mission 

Not bound by stereotype, culture, or regulation, we rush into new frontiers with a sense of free innovative genius. Aiming to create products and technology that improve consumer quality of life, we challenge life's toughest problems with gumption. 

Our People 

We are not only engineers with a rational problem-solving background and vast knowledge, but we are also storytellers who inject warmth and soul into each new solution. 

Our Work

With persistence at the heart of our endeavors, we reassemble the status quo to breathe new life into that which has become complacent.

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Northern Lights

We Harmonize With Your Ecosystem


We design products that mesh with existing product lines to spark curiosity in consumers.


We elevate brands with patents that push the envelope. 


We are sensible, remaining within the lines of feasibility, marketability, and production potential.

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