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Boundless: free from inhibitors that block growth 

Pushing boundaries means stepping outside comfort zones or seeing new perspectives of old problems beyond the boundaries others have been constricted by. With these innovations, we recreate that which is complacent moving beyond its previous boundary to generate new efficiencies. 

Little Star Traffic Light

This traffic light provides safety accommodations that assist both color-blind and non-color-blind drivers. It helps prevent accidents in dark or rainy conditions by displaying the lights to be interpreted by their position rather than solely by color.


Broom Bicycle Brake 

A bicycle brake system intended to enhance brake safety and ease using a unique one-lever mechanism, this innovative design prevents over-the-bar incidents and reduces production cost of the lever.


Donut Washer

Unlike traditional washing machines, the Donut Washer spins the clothes such that efficiency is boosted and tangling is prevented. This design is perfect for single person households and complements energy-saving trends in home appliances.

donut washer4.JPG
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