Cutting Edge: modern and exceedingly brilliant innovation

To us, being cutting-edge in our innovations means that what we do commences a new era of technology. Increasing efficiency through modern, sleek, and smart designs means efficiency for medical professionals and quality of life improvement for patients. Inspiration from nature and genuine care for well-being drives the innovations that can bring about positive change in medical care and devices.

Intramedullary Nail

The EdgeX`s Intramedullary Nail is designed to overcome limitations current intramedullary nailing is facing by enabling adjustment of both the length and the angle. Our product will improve the surgical process, shorten the recovery time, and decrease the number of revision surgery with patients suffering from osteosynthesis.

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The In Vitro Abscopal Method (IVAM)

In Vitro Abscopal method is a groundbreaking new cancer treatment approach. By treating extracted cancer cells in vitro with radiotherapy and re-administrating the treated autologous tumor cells back to the patient, The In Vitro Abscopal Method (IVAM) arms the body's own immune system against cancer. IVAM promotes anti-tumor immunity, treating primary and metastatic cancer and increasing the occurrence and magnitude of abscopal effect, while diminishing the painful and damaging side-effects of cancer treatments. 


Internal radiation shielding for high-precision radiation therapy

EdgeX’s insertable and intracavitary internal radiation shields are high-precision radiation treatment shields capable of effectively protecting organs and tissue surrounding cancer tissue during targeted radiation treatment to minimize damage to healthy tissues and to prevent radiation toxicity. With the increased protection, these radiation shields reduced severe toxicity, treatment breaks or discontinuation that adversely impacts tumor cure rates. They help shift the paradigm of clinical management of patients receiving radiation therapy for cancer by reducing radiation-associated morbidity and therefore improving treatment adherence, having the potential to improve survival.

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Blue Seed 

Inspired by the tenacity of a fruit seed passing through the stomach unharmed, this capsule design can deliver the contents of medicine such as probiotics, insulin, or diet pills safely through the stomach so they can be absorbed at the right step of the digestive process.


Odd-Eye Mammogram

This mammography machine reduces pain, shortens time, eliminates the bleaching effect, and operates at a lower radiation dose than traditional machines. The device provides safer and more practical screening used to help save lives.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Treatment Method

This method of hemoglobin injection is a faster and more versatile treatment that can be used anywhere in a patient suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Golden timing is increased and brain damage and after-effects are expected to be lessened with this method in addition to helping shorten recovery times.

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