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Seamless: having smooth connection between separated parts.

Technology can enhance human connection, reconcile emotion, and build positive feelings. To us, a seamless experience means staying in contact with emotion, humanity, and living a life connected to our surroundings and to others.

Dracula Fountain Pen

A revolutionary advancement to the classic fountain pen, this unique pen includes a built-in refilling method. Resembling vampire fangs that suck blood from an innocent human, the retracting needle structure extracts every last drop of ink in an ink pot such that wiping and spilling are eliminated from the refill process.

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Coffee Aroma Diffuser

A unique coffee maker specially made to disperse the delicious aroma of coffee, this appliance serves the blissful gift of morning coffee by appealing to multiple senses at once.

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Teafiene is a natural and organic caffeine additive that is customizeable as to the amount of caffeine contained in the tea of choice, while maintaining a healthier lifestyle. 

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Dog Harness

This specially-designed dog harness prevents tangles in the leash, choking around the neck area, and keeps the dog’s feet free from tripping during jogging, walking, or biking with the dog. Safety and ease of movement for both dog and human are provided in one easy and modern wrap-around design.

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Glasses for the Hearing Impaired

What if we could see sound? These smart glasses differentiate and convert different types of sound into visual representation in real time, helping the hearing impaired stay safe and aware of their surroundings while driving or traveling.

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Category Cap for Eyedropper Medication Bottles

Optical patients, particularly the elderly or those with vision impairment, run the risk of confusion and even injury if they mix up dropper medication bottles that look similar. The Category Cap is a compatible lid that uses sense of touch for easy recognition of different-use medications. It enables personalized, convenient, and quick categorization of medications that can improve safety for optical patients.

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Gaze Correction for Video Conferencing

This gaze correction feature aligns the direction in which participants are looking in order to facilitate eye contact and enhance emotional connection. Highly customizable features help simulate face-to-face conversation and elevate realistic communicative sensation during video conferences.

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