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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Winner of the internationally-acknowledged iF Design Award (2021) for the Discipline Product Category

'Little Star Traffic Light' is the first ever traffic light dedicated to providing safety to both color-blind and non-color-blind people. Utilizing placement rather than color as an additional basis for signal recognition, our product provides equal safety for all people.

Why make a traffic light for color-blind people? 1 in every 12 men and 1 in every 200 women are born color-blind. Color-blind is defined as a genetic color vision deficiency that is non-treatable. In the instance of heavy rain, snow, or dark driving conditions, an instant of easy recognition of the traffic signal can make a world of difference. Accurate and quick traffic signals should be available for everyone on the road, thereby improving safety for everyone. We designed a sensible, sophisticated, engineering-based traffic light that uses positioning of the lights rather than relying on color to provide signal in any driving condition.

Who are color-blind people?

Color-blindness is described as poor or deficient color vision that prevents the differentiation between certain colors. Affecting more men than women because of its hereditary nature, color-blindness is a permanent condition developed from birth. Many may not even be conscious they have it. Most color-blind people can't distinguish between the invaluable shades of red and green used in traffic lights, thereby endangering their safety when they must rely on positioning in the dark. Since color-blind people often use positioning of the green, yellow, and red lights as reference when they cannot distinguish colors, it is paramount that they be able to see all three lights’ positions clearly at all times. Color-blindness is a common condition that directly or indirectly affects everyone on the road, thus catering to it must become a normal part of life.

Why 'Little Star Traffic Light'?


With all people in mind, both color-blind and normal-sighted individuals alike, the ‘Little Star Traffic Light’ allows for ease of differentiation between traffic light colors. Given that it has already received the iF 2021 Design award for its outstanding concept and configuration, it is well-deserving of the award and of implementation across many countries. It is recognized as a product designed to improve the safety and well-being of communities across the world.

Our traffic light can reduce the number of traffic accidents significantly, advocating for road safety with a comprehensive solution. This advanced engineering solution can make traffic light signals distinguishable for all people. With such forward-thinking and inclusive technology, we can enhance the safety of each community and help to build more sustainable cities and communities with safe infrastructure.


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